Puy du fou


There are worlds and times that we thought were forever gone. Yet the centenary forest of Le Puy du Fou has become their refuge and history continues.
Come and discover the mystery of this timeless place and live an unforgettable experience charged with strong emotions and great show for the whole family !
Puy du Fou, History is waiting for you!

Original creation 2019 : Le Premier Royaume

It’s the 5th century AD: the Roman Empire has fallen and Attila the Hun’s hordes have been wreaking havoc all over Europe. Join Clovis, the young King of the Franks, and do battle alongside this brilliant military leader.
Discover the world of the Merovingians and a conquering king caught between the ancestral traditions of his people and his quest to found the first kingdom!


The night show of Le Grand Parc takes you on a magical and wonderful journey.
Every evening on the old Puy du Fou lake, nymphs and sprites dance to the music of romantic musicians dressed in illuminated costumes in a fantastic symphony of fire and water.
This show (about 30 minutes) is included in the visit of Le Grand Parc during the green period (see opening calendar).


Seen by over 11 million spectators, this show involves 2,400 actors on a stage spread over 23 hectares and 28,000 costumes. Lasting for 1 hour 40 minutes, it includes many new attractions. The world’s biggest night-time show has become an absolutely unmissable and legendary experience. Cinéscénie is a sight to behold!
Puy du Fou 2019, proche de Cholet